Along the long history, Ling Nam Medicine Factory manufactures products of Chinese Medicines with the genuine spirit. Members of Ling Nam Medicine Factory believe that quality-tested ingredients as well as hygiene and safety are the cornerstones for protecting users’ benefits and health. They regard users’ faith towards Ling Nam Medicine Factory as the most valuable encouragement.

In 1990s, Ling Nam Medicine Factory devoted lots of resources to upgrade the elements of its factory, including manufacturing procedures and ingredient selection, to international standard.

In 1980s, the brand name of Ling Nam entered the big market of mainland China. Since then, the sale of Ling Nam products keeps rising continuously. Notwithstanding that, Ling Nam products are reaching users overseas. At present, Ling Nam’s market is gradually covering countries in Southeast Asia, United States and Canada.

In 1970s, the logo of Ling Nam was registered as trademark. Ling Nam’s logo is composed of two picks of Chinese Medicines wrapping the shining Sun. This suggests that Ling Nam Medicine Factory would give a hand to any places that the shining Sun could reach.

In 1950s, Mr. LUI Moon Cheong’s family moved to Hong Kong. His son, Mr. LUI Wing Yan, succeeded the craft of producing external-used products of Chinese Medicines and established the brand name of Ling Name and Ling Nam Medicine Factory in Hong Kong.

Mr. LUI Wing Yan resolved that he had the mission to bring forth new innovations. After a series of hard work, he introduced Ling Nam Ultra Balm and Ling Nam Nutmeg Balm which later became Ling Nam’s best sellers. The main common characteristic of Ling Nam Ultra Balm and Ling Nam Nutmeg Balm is that they can be used for soothing a variety of different conditions. The two products have long been described as “One bottle; Many Functions.”

Mr. LUI Moon Cheong endeavored to doing research on Chinese Medicines, and as a result, he had got lots of unique discoveries about Chinese Medicines.

In 1923, Mr. LUI Moon Cheong formulated Hung Far Oil, Hak Kwai Oil, Pak Shu Oil and various products of Chinese Medicines one after another. All these products are popular due to the exceptional effectiveness. In 1955, the Hung Far Oil got high-quality reward by Khmer Empire.


Introduction of the Factory

Ling Nam Medicine Factory originated from the business, which was in the form of traditional home industry, founded over 100 years ago. Throughout the generations, Ling Nam Medicine Factory works hard to keep up with the trend. Today, Ling Nam Medicine Factory is in line with global standard and follows the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Not merely the products of “Ling Nam”, products under the popular brands, namely “Mau Lung”, “Creative Fair SDN BHD”, “Koong Yick”, “Nam Keung”, “Regal Medicated Oil & Embroeation”, are also manufactured by Ling Nam Medicine Factory. Ling Nam Medicine Factory commits to provide good-quality products. Its vision is to cultivate the above said brand names to become representative brands of Hong Kong.

The following is the obtained certification: -

2000 Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliance of a Manufacturer issued by Therapeutic Goods Administration, Department of Health, Australian Government

2012 Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliance of a Manufacturer under the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S)

2016 Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliance of a Manufacturer issued by Department of Health,Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKGMP)


Latest Awards

2019 QQ Brilliant Brand Awards 2019-Most word of mouth brand, awarded by GD.QQ.COM. Tencent 

2018/2019 Partner Employer Award
2018/2019 Fulfilling the assessment criteria of the Quality Tourism Services Scheme
2019 Getting the authorization to use the “STC tested” Mark Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre
2019 Outstanding Chinese Medicines Enterprise
2005-2019 Being recognized as a Quality Shop by the Hong Kong Tourism Board
2003 Hong Kong Top Ten Brandnames Awards – The Emerging Brandname, awarded by The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong

10th Best 2011


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